On December, take on an eco-friendly challenge to become a zero-waste expert! Do you want to become zero waste but you don’t know where to start? Here are some very simple actions you can do. Try to do every challenge every day and you will reduce your carbon footprint!
We created this calendar in order to show simple and effective solutions so that everyone can reduce their waste and act at their own scale. We want to help you to stop polluting and discover what habits we can change. Remember, every action counts.

  1. December 1st: Do not use plastic straws

Today, refuse plastic straws or bring your own reusable straw when you are at the bar or at the restaurant. Every day, 1 billion single-use plastic straws are thrown away around the world, enough to go around the Earth 5 times! You can use a metal straw, a glass straw, a bamboo straw or a green grass straw instead. Some restaurants in Saigon stopped using plastic straws: Jake’s BBQ, Quan Bui, Secret Garden, Belgo


2. December 2nd : Plan a zero-waste gift for Christmas

Christmas is an occasion that generates a lot of waste (unused gifts, packaging …). This Christmas, prepare a special gift for a friend from recyclable materials. Create a personalized, handmade and zero waste gift. We organize specials Christmas workshops on December 14th: one for kids and one for aduls. This is the opportunity to learn how to make gifts yourself. Click here to join the special kids workshop and here for the adults workshop!


3. December 3rd: Adopt a bamboo toothbrush

Around 3.5 billion toothbrushes are sold worldwide each year. Every single plastic toothbrush you ever used still exists somewhere in the environment. Stop using plastic toothbrushes and adopt a bamboo toothbrush: it is biodegradable, except for the bristles. You can buy a bamboo toothbrush on our shop if you click here.


4. December 4th: Create your own beauty products

Almost all beauty products are produced industrially with chemical elements. However, there are solutions to create your own beauty products in a completely natural way. Deodorant, toothpaste, bodyscrub, shaving cream… You can do them yourself. Come to our Christmas workshop to learn how to create your own deodorant and toothpaste with 100% natural ingredients.




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