When you enter the Adidas office, you can not miss the sticker “We commit for a plastic-free office”. Since they moved their office in October 2017 to the Deutsches Haus, Adidas has banned single-used plastic inside their office and has kept up their efforts to raise awareness about sustainability among their staff.

The choice of their new location is not insignificant. The Deutsches Haus is the most energy-efficient green premium office building in Vietnam and one of the three building in Asia that is certificate “USGBC LEED Platinum” and “DGNB Gold”, two high certificates that requires certain criteria of sustainability, as minimizing energy consumption for example.
For the Adidas group, to include sustainability in their way of working is viewed as a responsibility for their company to protect the environment. They gave themselves 3 missions: build a sustainability minded culture in their office, driving sustainability awareness for employees and creating sustainability guidelines. With the NGO Parley for the Oceans, Adidas designed sneakers from plastic waste from the oceans. For a pair of sneakers, they recycle 11 plastic bottles! Furthermore, Adidas CEO, Kasper Rørsted, asked to every subsidiary to ban plastic bottles from their office: “Let’s take the next step and abandon plastic from all of our offices globally, I call on colleagues in all locations to come up with solutions. This is not for consultants to figure out, this one is on us. Remember: it is our obligation to do business in a responsible and sustainable way”.
In Vietnam, they did not limit themselves to just that and became an entire plastic-free office by banning every single-use plastic from the office: plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic food containers… They also decided to save energy, water and paper. Paper consumption was reduced by 20% by setting 2-sided printing as default for office printers and raising awareness about paper waste. They settled a programable electric timer to auto switch off office lights at 7 pm. By avoiding running tap while washing, ensuring their taps to be leak free and raising awareness of water conservation, they planned to reduce water consumption by 15%. They also set-up centralized garbage bins replacing individual employee bins, saving more than 15,000 plastic bags a year, use re-usable bags for all outsourcing office purchasing and for first production shoes…

Every room and item of the office has been rethought to reduce the use of plastic. Glasses were specially designed and printed with a raise awareness sentence and are used by the employees as mugs. Plastic water fountains were replaced by glass and metal fountains. A wall of plants brings a touch of freshness and nature in the heart of the office. Do you see the blue fabric armchair and shoe? They are made at of the plastic from the office!






Actions are also organized to directly sensitize the employees. Once they arrive in the company, they sign their commitment against plastic on a board hung in the office and receive a reusable water container. The office also organized a clean-up event in July and another one in December, to raise awareness among their staff.

They are a great example to all of us.