Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Where are your products made ?
Most of our products are made in Saigon, Long An, or Hanoi. We are working to encourage local economies and we try to avoid importing products whenever possible.

However, our philosophy is that it is better to import a reusable product than to offer no alternative to a single use plastic item.

What is the goal of Zero Waste Saigon ?
To reduce the amount of single use plastic and provide alternatives that are eco-friendly, sustainable and cost effective for Vietnam.
What does it cost to operate this project ?
We have 3 Assistants : Kim, Alex and Minh Anh. They are helping us convince local businesses, source products, contact medias, organize projects and do talks in schools and offices. We also have to pay for server and website design. We are doing a lot of meetings around the city to convince businesses to go green, as well as traveling to schools. Costs are : transportation + products that we distribute for free + 3 salaries for assistants + website + miscellaneous which comes out to around 35 million per month.
How do you fund this project ?
Michael has his marketing company in Los Angeles & Saigon :

Julia has her Airbnb management company in Paris & Saigon :

We also collect funds from selling products on the store. In April we made about a 10 million VND margin on the products we sold. The majority of our income comes from large sales to companies. Sales to individuals do not make a profit once production, labor and transport are factored in.

What are the projects you are working on ?

- Making a compost area to collect food waste from restaurants and use it to grow more plants

- Help businesses grow their own co bang straws and make green grass straws more accessible to every businesses

- Create a big art installation to raise awareness with international artist Von Wong

- Build a team of speakers to go do conferences about the plastic waste problem and workshops in schools, offices and events

- Help organisations like Clean up vietnam, Việt Nam Sạch và Xanh, precious plastics Saigon, Impact ect…

- Get a PR person to get more media attention to get the attention of the public

- Develop a system to remove plastic from food delivery without raising the cost for restaurants