Grant Requests

Project 1: A green grass straw

Plastic straws are a leading cause of unnecessary pollution. To stop their use we need an alternative suitable for mass adoption. 

We believe Co Bang grass straws are a promising alternative. They can be cut and used fresh as drinking straws. It is easy to grow and very cost effective.

Reduce waste

Co Bang grows wild in Vietnam and is turned into a straw using a simple process of cutting and cleaning. It easily biodegrades.

A new cash crop

Green grass straw production can be incorporated into a sustainable farming system. The majority of the Co Bang in Vietnam is wild and represents an opportunity for a new product to emerge out of an unused resource.

Conserve the wetlands

Vietnamese Co Bang grows wild in wetlands. These wetlands are cut down and turned into rice farms. Farmers are not yet aware that they can make more selling Co Bang in sustainable wetland farming than they can from rice farming.

Why we need funding

Why we need funding

  • Formalize a sustainable farming system that incorporates straw production
  • Implement the system into villages to enhance production
  • test hygienic cleaning techniques
  • obtain necessary certifications
  • test drying and longterm storage processes
  • test liquid reactions
  • test allergic reactions

Green grass straw solutions

Order pre-cut straws
grow your own straw planters
a straw grass garden
a straw grass wall

Project 2 : Zero Waste Medals

We designed the Zero Waste Medals program to acknowledge businesses that are making the effort to reduce their waste. We also use it as a guideline to help businesses that want to reduce their waste. We would like to expand this program.

Why we need funding

Why we need funding

  • Print medals
  • Create a food waste management solution
  • Create education materials and resources for businesses
  • Create an app where people can find plastic free businesses

Project 3: Zero Waste Education

Many people in Vietnam are unaware of the harm that plastics are causing to the country. This will be a campaign to increase awareness of the problem and what they can do to reduce their own waste.

In-person education

We will go to local Vietnamese and English speaking high school and colleges to talk to students about plastics, how to reduce their use and the economic opportunities that are possible because of the need to move away from single use plastics.


Ad campaign

Campaigns in both English and Vietnamese explaining the plastic problem. These will include elevator ads, online videos and targeted ads in areas of high pollution.

Community Events

2 types of events. Events for communities to come together and share and learn about zero waste practices as well as supporting zero waste businesses in their area. The 2nd type of event will be for the press. These events may or may not be open to the public depending on the event.

Why we need funding

Why we need funding

  • build a team of speakers, workshops and events

  • full time press relations person to gain media attention

  • organize events around plastic

  • graphic design
  • video production
  • pay for ad space

Project 4: Zero Waste Education Center

This will be a place where anyone can come to learn more about the plastic problem and the solutions to it. It will be great for schools to bring students and businesses to find out how to transition. We will hold training here to teach restaurant staff how to implement changes into their normal workflow. We will also have examples of compost gardens and assistance for those wanting to start their own to reduce food waste. Lastly, there will be a lab where we research new solutions to plastic problems. People will be able to take tours and even participate when possible.

Why we need funding

Why we need funding

  • rent a space
  • teaching room with projector

  • exhibition about plastic

  • rooftop garden where we show composting and green grass straw growth

  • lab where we demonstrate mushroom pollution remediation and other solutions

  • work station for students to practice up cycling

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