Our story

The Zero Waste Saigon Project
Reduce plastic waste in Saigon and Vietnam

Since we moved to Vietnam in August of 2017, we’ve been very aware that single use plastic is everywhere. It bothered us from the start but when I saw some baby monkeys in the forest eating some plastic bags, we decided that we had to do something.

We then created a local group that gathered 1000 members in less than a month.

We are looking for solutions for businesses to lower their use of plastic while raising awareness to the public.

Julia Mesner

Julia manages apartments on Airbnb. She has a background in communication and marketing and has been working for the US government to promote tourism in the US. She is also a French travel blogger on Juliachou.fr.  She loves traveling to meet people and cooking to share happiness. When she wants something, she works around the clock to make it happen.

Michael Burdge

Michael has a marketing company called Lux Angeles. He builds websites and develops marketing strategies. He loves botany and mycology and collects rare and interesting plants and fungi. Michael has a creative mind and likes to use it to make the future better for all of us.

Our Story

Julia hitchhiked from Miami Florida to Los Angeles California and met Michael at the end of her trip. After a few years of being friends, we went on a trip to Las Vegas and had our first date on a helicopter that dropped us with food and champagne at sunset in the Grand Canyon. That pretty much set the bar in our relationship. We have been travelling all over the world together ever since.

In October 2015 it became the 3 of us with our fabulous new addition to the family: Sebastien Miles.