Other products

Coconut fiber brush

An easy way to clean your reusable straw wherever you are. The brush is made from recycled metal and natural coconut fiber.


20 000 VND per brush

Recylced cloth pouch

Keep your reusable straw clean while you are around town. They are made by hand. When people donate clothes to us they go to villagers to wear. All of the clothes that are too damaged to wear are made into these pouches.


20 000 VND per pouch

Wood spoons, forks, chopsticks


spoon - 40 000 VND

fork - 40 000 VND

pair of chopsticks - 30 000 VND

Coconut bowl

12 to 14cm wide, 5cm high. Natural coconut.


50 000 VND per bowl

Cloth Bag

Use a cloth bag instead of single use plastic. Make it a habit to have a bag with you so you can refuse plastic bags anywhere you go. 

Price list:

150 000 VND per bag

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