When you are walking in Saigon, you may have noticed one of these five curious storefronts, and a recurring logo : Quan Bui. Today we went to one of these restaurants in Thao Dien : Quan Bui Garden. Small and peaceful terrace, wonderful decor, and much better : staple homemade Vietnamese dishes, which thrill their guests.



We met Danh, the owner of the Quan Bui restaurants, the man who decided to change his consumption habits and that of his restaurants as well towards a more ecological model.

There are five restaurants stretched through the city, but a single principle : reduce waste, and assume a responsible behavior. Danh was aware of the difficulties he would face by going against the normal industry practices, but step by step, he built a business that fits his ideals.
« It is not easy in Vietnam to change and adapt our consumption » he says, but making one thing in a different way each day is the beginning of a strong and durable change.


To him, one of the biggest difficulties was the cost of that change, but in a few months, plastic bottles were banned in the restaurants, delivered food is brought with less packaging. And if you have a drink, you might get surprised by the color of your straw. Indeed, the famous « green straw » have been so appreciated recently that Danh had to supplement with metallic straws because the grass ones go out of stock !

Today, most of Danh’s clients are happy with this alternative, which is the proof that business and ecology can sometimes find a common ground.

We presented Quan Bui with 2 medals: No Plastic Straws and No Plastic Bottles. Now you have another place you can go which has committed to reducing their waste.

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