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School Programs

Teaching through action.


A Plastic Problem
A Member of Zero Waste Saigon will come to your school and teach a 1 hour class on the plastic problem and solutions to the problem. The class can be taught in English or Vietnamese. A projector is recommended but not required.

Price: Free

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Upcycle Activity

Take A Plant Home

Kids take a used box or container and “upcycle” it into a planter with a plant in it. We provide the decoration materials, plants and dirt, a supervisor and an assistant. This can be done along with the presentation. This price is for 50 students. Includes VAT invoice. Contact us for a price for a different amount of students.

Price: 6 000 000 VND

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Tower Garden Compost Bin 

Recycle Your Kid’s Food Waste
The tower garden is a place for kids to put their organic food waste and watch new plants grow from what otherwise would have been trash. Change your kids thinking about what is trash and what is useful. They will love eating fresh veggies that they helped grow. It comes with plants, worms and dirt included. It is easy to maintain, just water it everyday. We will install it and come explain how it works.

Price: $105

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Compost Garden 

Teach your kids the joy of gardening

This is an interactive space where kids can work together to plant small plants and watch them grow into edible fruits and veggies. They will be able to take their apple cores and left over food waste and add it to the garden instead of throwing it away. We will come check on it regularly and do teaching sessions with the kids. This garden is large enough the whole school to participate in. Size will depend on available space.

Price: 30 000 000 VND

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8 Week Classroom Program

Kids learn through activities

Over the course of 8 weeks we will teach kids in 1 class how to reduce their waste through fun activities in their classroom and a compost garden that they will help plant and grow. They will learn about different types of waste and what can be recycled and what can’t. They will learn to upcycle waste items into useful items that can be reused as a replacement for single-use plastics.

Price for full program: 27 500 000 VND 

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Reduce Your Waste

Make your school a zero waste school

The best way to teach children is through changing our own habits. Make the commitment to reduce your plastic and food waste. We will help you every step of the way. We will come and take an assessment of how much waste you are producing. We will then make a report for you outlining the biggest areas of waste and what can be done to reduce the waste. The report includes costs, strategies and vendors to get supplies. We can help you purchase product replacements, implementation and communications if you like. Once we have completed the process you will earn our zero waste medals and our recommendation*.  

Price for waste assessment: 10 000 000 VND

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Design A Project

Do you have an idea?
We love working with passionate people with fun ideas. If you want to develop something with us then let us know! 

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Take Action now


We also offer sponsorships. If you are a parent who wants to buy a program for your child’s school or if your business wants to sponsor a school with a program please contact us.

* Please note that it is not necessary to purchase any program from Zero Waste Saigon in order to receive the medals and our recommendation. If you are compliant with our standards and show proof then you can receive our medals at no cost to you. Contact us for details.