Zero Waste Classes

We teach in classrooms around the city

Learning is the first step towards making a change. We go to classrooms around the city to teach about zero waste, the plastic problem and what kids and parents can do about it.

Interaction is key

Each kid prepares a small script about how they will talk to someone about using less plastic.

Whether it is asking for “No straw please” or talking to their friends or family about the harms of plastic.

We find this is the best way for kids to internalize the lesson and put it in their own words.

Want us to come to your school?!

  1. Please email us
  2. Schedule a date with us
  3. Show your class the video below, a similar one or give a small lesson to get them prepared a few days before we come
  4. Have them prepare some questions for us

Here are some teaching aids you can use in your class room